Report: Google+ has already 62 million users

Google+ has unofficially led more than 62 million users according to a Statistics published just before the end of the year. Paul Allen, who is also known as a founder of Ancestry reported the statistics. In recent weeks there have a significant impetus given new registrations, Allen writes – an average of 625 000 users were added daily.

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This means that almost one quarter of all Google + users signed up in December only. Allen now predicts that the 100 million will be complete on 25 February. On 3 August it could reach the milestone of 200 million and come to 293 million at the end of 2012.

According to Allen, but in reality is anything to go even faster. He says: “I believe that growth will increase even Google can integrate Google + to other products, and the word-of-mouth starts only above all be but a day 700 000 Android-device turned on, and which become an important source for new users of Google +.”

In fact, Google in recent months, Google+ has connected more closely with other Google sites – such as search engine or Google Apps. Also at the presentation of their core functions and filed. Since early November, there are also pages for company profile.

Allen’s method has a drawback, however: He and his team detected only by name queries, how many people sign up every day – but not if they come back and how often. Experian Hitwise and ComScore had seen decline of visitors from Google+ in the summer.


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