Report: HP wanted $ 1.2 billion for WebOS

HP to sell its mobile operating system, WebOS for $ 1.2 billion. The reports of the online service Venture Beat now on, citing a source familiar with the sale negotiations.

This is the same amount, the HP 2010 had paid for the takeover of the ailing manufacturer Palm. Apparently the company was not willing to divest WebOS than the purchase price. HP also did not ask to get further access to WebOS to use it in printers, it is called.

Report: HP wanted $ 1.2 billion for WebOS

In early December had HP announced to make WebOS to the open-source project. As was suggested earlier, these are but just to plan B, if a sale of WebOS fails.


Among the interested parties include, Amazon, Intel, Facebook, RIM and Samsung. For this price, but no one had been willing to even thinking about buying WebOS, writes Venture Beat. First, we have classified the incident as misconduct on the part of Facebook. After the announcement of the prize, the reaction of Mark Zuckerberg and his staff said he understood.


Some prospects will HP be gone down slightly with the price during the negotiation. But in order even to find a base that HP’s price expectations could not be located more than 500 million dollars.


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