Reptilian, cobra watch

Reptilian, watch cobraAt first glance, seems to be a bracelet Replitian design inspired by a cobra and decorated with LED lights. In fact, this reptile that wraps around the wrist of a watch proves to be more complicated with its very particular reading.

Reptilian was designed by French designer Patrick for Tokyoflash. The watch has a button under the neck of a snake, that is to say between the bracelet and the onscreen user’s wrist. This button turns the LED lights for reading time. To operate it, it supports the body of the snake. It must be pressed once for an hour, twice to three times to date and the day of the week. With its articulated form, the bracelet fits all sizes with comfort. The opening and closing of the bracelet are made at the first knuckle, closest to the head of the cobra.

The eyes of the reptile display the time while his mouth and the middle of his head indicates the minute. Reptilian bracelets will be available with aluminum, silver and gold.

Reptilian, watch cobra details


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