RIM announces rewards for blackberry users

The Canadian company Research In Motion announced a reward plan for its BlackBerry users.

It seems that the BlackBerry crisis, which affected millions of users around the world who were left without internet access and can not send or receive e-mails, has come to an end; technical problems have been resolved and users can now have their normal service with peace of mind, but everything remains the same as before?

The truth is that the relations between BlackBerry users and their production company Research In Motion, RIM, and will not be the same in many cases, especially in business, one of the pillars on which rested Canadian company’s business. But the competitive offerings have become more aggressive and, to this technical incident, the situation is not RIM’s best for the mobile market and connectivity.

Well, taking into consideration this fact, the directors of Research In Motion has decided to move the trade counter, as recently announced, will implement a stimulus plan is to release a complete collection of applications that are marketed within the Premium package and are valued at over $ 100.

Starting on October 19, all BlackBerry users can download these applications freely released (as part of the Premium package), they may be downloaded from the App World web site and will be available to the public for a period of four weeks.

In the case of companies that have been affected, BlackBerry users will receive a support plan in their service for free and for the same period of time.

For now, this is what they offer from the offices of Research In Motion as a   plan to offset the decline in its BlackBerry messaging service. But we must wait to see what will be the reaction of disgruntled users to these offerings, a fact that promises compare with aggressive competition, which are already beginning to overcome the traditional services of the BlackBerry.


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