Risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease

No one should be exposed to the risk of being infected by a sexually transmitted disease or STD, but if you fall in this situation, or occurs if using protection, the condom has broken or is any situation as a violation, it is essential to immediately visit the doctor put it off because it can be much more harmful than the situation faced. Remember certain sexually transmitted diseases or STD can be controlled with antibiotics.

Risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease

Gonorrhea or chlamydia: should be done immediately cytology, this test the doctor will diagnose whether or not the disease, after a week, they are treated with antibiotics if treatment is performed at the foot of the letter can be cured.

Genital warts by the human papilloma virus: cytology are detected if the removal is performed, this is a health problem that afflicts many women and can cause serious health problems.

This is a disease that must be disposed through the visit to the doctor and if the test is positive shall be subject to effective treatment.

Genital herpes, Hepatitis B and C, HIV: are diseases that require immediate attention, the doctor will perform a complete blood test and if positive the genital Herpes and Hepatitis B and C should be treated properly.

In HIV or AIDS there is currently no cure, but if detected early can be achieved improving the quality of life of patients.

Prevention is better than cure, having sex with protection is to protect your life, be sexually orderly contact with many sexual partners is a high risk of contracting a disease of this nature.


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