Risks of abortion in women life and why they choose it?

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy, throughout world history has been used as part of health care for the mother and also to end an unwanted pregnancy. Not all women think abortion is something right but each is in its right to make their own decision.
Risks of abortion in women life and why they choose it?
Determining an abortion, the termination of pregnancy may be a decision that is justified by several circumstances, and only the pregnant woman know in detail of their reasons for taking such a decision. It is she who knows the conditions of their pregnancy, their economic, physical and psychological to bring new life to the world.

While there are alternatives to abortion, such as the give the baby up for adoption once born or staying with the child. But women choose to terminate the pregnancy for many reasons such as:

  • Failing to keep the child or pay for the pregnancy.
  • The fear that parents will find out and thrown out of home.
  • The fact that the baby changes your life and the inherent fear that prevents them from finishing school, pursuing a career.
  • The child’s father does not take responsibility and be detached from the mother and child.
  • The fact that having a baby is not good for parents.
  • When pregnancy is the result of incest or rape.
  • Because women choose not to be a mother.
  • Not to be psychologically prepared to face the task of motherhood.

There are many reasons that can lead to making the determination of abortion, and each owns choose what seems most appropriate.

You can not force a person to have a child, nor prevent the abortion is made illegal so it could endanger her life.

Following that in many countries abortion is illegal, many women die in clinics for abortion, because they themselves have tried to terminate her pregnancy by various means. One way to prevent these deaths and potentially unwanted children suffer neglect and emotional neglect, is regulating abortion properly.

In short… the decision to end a pregnancy pertains only to the partner or pregnant women, only those involved know their situation and know what is best in the case. Psychological consequences of abortion for women, and bringing a child into the world too, so you can not generalize, but to analyze each case in point.


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