Rockmelt now available for download, the new social browser

That’s right. RockMelt now available for download, the new social web browser that allows users who have installed on your computer to access directly to all social media sites that exist in the network, or most of them Facebook, Twitter and others. Currently available is the Beta 3 version of this browser RockMelt much more stable, secure and with new applications.

Rockmelt now available for download, the new social browser

RockMelt is a web browser with a social vocation that has developed from Chromium matrix code, which would be the open source version of Google Chrome browser. By Tim Howes and Vishria Eric, the first version of RockMelt appeared in December 2010, but users really enjoyed a more stable version in March 2011.

Well, now comes the third installment of this Internet RockMelt browser ready for download. This integrated version of the software brings new features about thirty among which include the new enhanced application for chat, update notifications of the wall profile of Facebook users with new messages, in addition to always be informed when a user is or not connected to the network.

But all that has attracted the attention of this particular Internet browser RockMelt is the new design, adapted from the Facebook interface developed exclusively for this third installment of RockMelt. This will have eliminated some unnecessary buttons from the standard version of this site Facebook to adapt to the characteristics of RockMelt.

Other innovations included in the third installment, Beta, RockMelt are related friend requests on Facebook, which you can manage each user a customized message notifications in real time.

For anyone interested in downloading and testing this new version of the browser can do so via the following link: Download RockMelt Beta 3.


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