Rugs for pets: Tips for cleaning and maintenance

If you have pets or companion animals, you will have already realized that there are certain things in your house that you have to take special care with. Furniture, for example, sofas and armchairs, but above all rugs for pets.

Because not just any carpet is valid for any pet, and not just any pet is valid for any carpet.

First you have to define what we mean by pet , and not; We do not accept octopus as a pet. We really like octopus, but not in the living room doing cute things, but with paprika and olive oil, on the table.

We also do not recommend crocodiles (it is a bit risky to clean their teeth) or bears that are not stuffed. Regarding the birds, they are worth it, but they will never step on the carpet, so we are going to talk specifically about the best carpets for dogs and cats.

The ideal cleaning of a carpet for pets should be done with a vacuum cleaner Nor is it that your pet does not care much what carpet you put on him: he will try to destroy it, whatever it is, but he will not notice much either. Dogs will continue to do their thing, which is to rejoice for no reason every time they see you and chase their tails, and cats will look at you as if they were trying to hypnotize you and make YouTube videos.

But you do care what carpet you have when you have pets, for two main reasons:

1) so they don’t spoil it and
2) so that cleaning and maintenance give you as little work as possible.

Let’s examine some basics of what the perfect pet mat should look like.

Pet rugs: hairy vs hairless

One of the things that dog and cat owners constantly repeat to us when looking for a rug is the amount of hair shed by pets . So much so that they would be the envy of a bald man.

Therefore, this clears the first question in the equation: a good pet mat should have no hair, or at least long hair. That the hair is already put by them, and in large quantities.

Adding pet hair to the pile of a carpet is redundant, like adding sugar to a pudding of condensed milk with cream. An excess.

In addition, long-haired rugs, if not cleaned very frequently and scrupulously, are capable of harboring in the deepest recesses of their braided ecosystems that you laugh at National Geographic documentaries.

So, commandment number one for a pet mat : better smooth, hairless, or short-pile carpets.

Therefore, the main smooth rugs for pets could be bamboo , vinyl or polypropylene : smooth fabrics, without grooves or cavities in which the hair has no opportunity to hide.

Resistance, key to pet rugs

Pets have teeth and nails . And the bad thing is that they use them. Your furniture will already know, for example.

As for the types of carpets, for ease of cleaning we will prefer any carpet that can be passed with a damp cloth

And pet rugs have an added problem: being made of textile material, not wood or metal, they are more fragile and therefore easier prey for the appendages of our dogs and cats.

Of course, all delicate carpets should be questioned when we have pets, or at least restricted to places in the house that our beloved critters do not frequent.

We would not recommend silk, wool or jute rugs , not only because of how delicate, but because of how easy it is to hook the fibers with your nails or teeth. And we already know that when it comes to scratching and hooking, everything is getting started.

Polypropylene in and out carpet

Ah! And for the same reason, it is good to avoid all those rugs that have pompoms, fringes, loose threads or ornaments of this type.

Although no one better than the owner to evaluate the character of the dog or cat and thus know more precisely the degree of delicacy that we can risk for our pet mat.

Therefore, pet rugs must be made of strong and durable materials , primarily synthetic, vinyl, plastic or polypropylene, capable of withstanding abrasion, snags, and continued use.

Without a doubt, vinyl rugs are the strongest, followed by polypropylene rugs, PVC rugs, or even plastic ones . The bamboo ones are not as strong, but they are very practical and inexpensive, so it does not hurt to replace them when you play.

The ease of cleaning pet rugs

We already know that a carpet for pets should not have hair, that it must be made of resistant material, but we are missing the main leg for the bench: that it can be cleaned easily.

Pets pose several challenges for carpets. In the first place, no matter how clean and well-mannered a pet is (and most of them are, and a lot) we must not forget that they will never take the care that we take with furniture and carpets.

Pets pose several challenges for carpets. In the first place, no matter how clean

That means that they are going to transmit more dirt to the ground, that they are going to lie down or roll over after arriving from the street, and I no longer tell you if it is raining or they have passed through dirty or muddy places.

So the problem is not in that they do not stain, that they are going to do it, but in how to clean as quickly and easily as possible.

Therefore, if your pet rugs have difficult cleaning that makes you have to send them to the dry cleaner every time they get dirty, it is best to change (the carpet, not the pet).

You also have to think that even if your pet is well educated when it comes to doing his little things, the risk that they “come out” is always there: that is why it is good to have a rug that if necessary supports the contingency without flinching.

The ideal cleaning of a carpet for pets should be done with a vacuum cleaner , and when it is not enough, with a damp cloth or mop.

As we have already established that a carpet for pets must be smooth, if it can also be cleaned in this way we will have a carpet that will be in perfect magazine condition in a jiffy (or in a pleats, we don’t know which of the two things is faster).

As for the types of carpets, for ease of cleaning we will prefer any carpet that can be passed with a damp cloth or if necessary even a mop. Vinyl rugs are the queens of this category, followed by polypropylene and bamboo.

Colors, another point to take into account

Since a pet mat will require more frequent care and maintenance than when there are no pets, whatever we do to help matters.

If, for example, your pet is going to be shedding hair and dirt from the garden every time he enters the house, you may come to the conclusion that a brown, or gray, or earth carpet will hide dirt better than a light carpet , for example.

Or you can even choose the tone based on your pet’s hair color : that way it would go unnoticed.

And the rugs for them to use?

We have talked about the conditioning of the rugs that we use at home for our enjoyment, and how we should orient them based on our pets.

But what about the rugs that we buy for them , that is, the ones that we put in their corner for their use?

These rugs must meet two basic requirements:

1) be comfortable and cozy , so that the dog or cat feels at home, and
2) be able to wash frequently, in the washing machine if possible.

There is nothing better for this than cotton trotting mats and the like. Cozy, durable and above all very inexpensive rugs, so that we can have several to rotate as we wash them, and that it will not hurt to replace them when they reach the end of their useful life.

In summary, when it comes to pet rugs, there is one type of rug that stands out from the rest: the vinyl rug. Smooth, fine, resistant and easy to clean.

The synthetic polypropylene carpets and fabrics like are also very suitable, provided that we buy as smooth as possible.

Other types such as bamboo, cotton and polyester rugs can also be used, depending on the place and the particular pet.


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