Rules for taking Good photographs on trips

Consider the rule of thirds, lower shutter speed to capture motion …

Currently the cameras abound, whether in mobile phones, common digital cameras, professional digital cameras, etc.. We all took pictures of everything constantly and more so when we travel. But to help the quality of the pictures you can take with current technologies, some tips can be useful:

1. The rule of thirds

This rule is very simple and basic. They divide the pie image intended to capture in 6 equal quadrants by drawing three horizontal and three vertical lines. The subject of the photo should be framed in the central quadrant within four points where the lines cross.

Good photographs are not always those that show the same at a given location

2. Panoramic Photos

To capture the essence of a landscape or place is to photograph in its entirety, i.e. take the scenic place. For a composition of place that can not be obtained in a single panoramic picture, you can take a sequence of panoramic photographs that show all assembly details to be captured.

3. With current editing programs can greatly enhance the photographs

Luckily, today, thanks to the many existing editing programs, photographs can then be improved by taken. It is rare for an excellent photograph is achieved by simply pressing the shutter button. The pictures from magazines, newspapers, advertising, etc.., Are usually retouched.

4. Taking pictures with different perspectives

Take the same photographs as other tourists find it boring and more of the same. For shots novel of the same places, change the perspective is a good choice. Whether taking a picture from above or below for example.

5. Search originals

Good photographs are not always those that show the same at a given location. They can take great pictures of popular tourist sites, but looking for some original theme clothes hanging on a rope, a fruit and vegetables at a fair, etc..

6. Light, color and geometry

These three elements are essential in photography and take them into account when taking a photo can help a good result is obtained.

7. Patience

Patience is a virtue all good photographer. Wait until a scene you want to capture is as many times you want to capture is worth.

8. Motion Capture

Capturing movement may seem difficult but not so much with this advice. Place the camera on a tripod and set it to manual exposure mode. Lowering the shutter speed, for example to a second, so the more it is the longer exposure time will be captured by photography movement.


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