Samsung Gear VR 2017: technical specifications, price and release date

These days, the attention was monopolized by Samsung Galaxy S8 but the new flagship is not the only news that Samsung has disclosed to the public. The top of the range smartphone presentation has in fact been the right occasion to also present some new accessories, including the new Samsung Gear VR 2017 for the virtual reality viewer that goes to take the place of the one released in October 2016 but which houses a large extent the features of its predecessor.

Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality 2017 appear with no major differences regarding the headset line

Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality 2017 increase the radius of the field of vision, 101 degrees against the Gear 90 wider of the previous lenses, which rose from 38 mm to 42 mm. It improves the ergonomics, as well as the quality of materials, according to the company suitable for long sessions without hassles. Small details that are to represent a step forward but certainly not a revolution.

This new headset can be used with Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Gear VR 2017 will be available from April 21 with $129 (about £100, AU$117) packed a brand-new wireless controller along with updated headset. Good news for the users of Gear VR headset, the controller can also be available separately for $39 (about £30, AU$50).

Samsung Gear VR 2017 included in the package, a small 64.3 grams controller will considerably expand the possibilities of the viewer thanks to a surface touchpad, physical buttons, a trigger and commands dedicated to the volume control.

According to data disclosed by the company Samsung Gear VR 2017 need three mini-size batteries, which are enough for 40 days with use of two hours daily.


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