Samsung HMX-W350: new pocket camcorder resistant to dust and water

Samsung wanted to meet some of the needs of their users in South Korea and has presented a new camcorder called Samsung HMX-W350. Definitely a perfect device to keep in mind this summer.

Samsung HMX-W350 waterproof pocket camcorder

Samsung HMX-W350 waterproof pocket camcorder

This pocket camcorder can withstand accidental impact, dust and water up to 5 meters deep.

Samsung HMX-W350 can record video in Full HD (1080p) and is capable of taking photos at 5 MP. In addition, the camcorder is equipped with a 2.3-inch LCD screen, USB port and features like the Mode Water, My Clip, intelligent background music, etc.

For those interested, this new and exciting Samsung HMX-W350 will retail for 249,000 won.


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