Samsung Homesync Lite for content synchronization

The content synchronization is practically a crucial role in our computers and operating systems. In fact, almost all firms have a system able to synchronize information in the cloud and between devices. Samsung did not want to be less and has just introduced a new formula to save the photos and videos you have stored in your mobile phone, tablet or camera to tell them from any media, regardless of the original source. The new service from Samsung is called HomeSync Lite and is focused on multimedia content. Thus, the user does not need to use the other solution similar to Dropbox, and can separate the photos and videos of work documents and save on data fees (fees contracted) of any other supplier. Logically, HomeSync Lite will only work with Samsung devices.

Samsung HomeSync Lite: a personal cloud, hosted from your PC

Samsung took the big event in London to raise awareness of this useful software tool. Its true strengths lie in the ability to access your content from any Samsung devices (mobile phone, tablet or laptop) and the possibility of making backups to keep – never ever – pictures and videos. This is also possible because Samsung HomeSync Lite keeps compatibility with external hard drives, which will help you to continue preserving the space in the cloud. In any case, HomeSync Lite offer up to five user accounts who can share and synchronize content with six different devices completely free.

In addition, these accounts may be protected with a password so that the contents are completely private and safe from any changes. This option can be enabled (and will be quite useful) in the event that users are members of a team or family. Once stored and synchronized content, the user can access the picture you did with your smartphone from your computer, or any other media previously set, so comfortable and agile. It is without doubt a very interesting solution for those who have multiple devices in their pocket and need to work with agility without USB sticks, CDs and thousands of emails in between.

At the same event, Samsung unveiled several devices integrating HomeSync Lite as standard software. We refer to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, next to the Samsung Galaxy Camera NX and TIVA Q, all equipped with alternately Windows and Android Operating systems.


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