Samsung to reveal Galaxy S III in May

Samsung Galaxy S III will come in next May and will be fine as well as powerful. It will be a high-end smartphones will meet the expectations the Galaxy S III, the third model of the successful launch of Samsung. The latest rumors come by the Electronic Times News, from which we learn some of the innovations that characterize the technical details of the smartphone.


It begins with a very thin shell: just 7 mm, a smaller value in the world. The processor is quad-core processor, the display responds to the characteristics of a Super AMOLED Plus and everything will be completed on the hardware side, a high performance 8 megapixel camera presumably, like the iPhone 4S, as well as an additional front camera (2 megapixels).

 Samsung to reveal Galaxy S III in May

On the software side, Samsung confirms its full confidence in Android and offers users native support with version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Furthermore, as regards the connectivity, 4G LTE technology.


Not much else is known of what will be the Galaxy S III, if not on what will be the launch period: the next May was identified as an ideal time range, while the absence of some date for Samsung at the Mobile World Congress, the now fixed appointment with the big news in the mobile industry hosted by the city of Barcelona.


Of course, the third model of the Galaxy will have to beat a rival of all, the iPhone 5. For which we speak of the same equipment offered by the South Korean smartphone, with the addition of an interesting amount of RAM equal to 2 GB. At the launch of the two devices is still missing a few months, but the battle already seems to be in full swing.


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