How to save battery power when using the GPS?

The other day I watched as our fellow at forsmartphone dot com told us five reasons why you do not use an external GPS and if you use our smartphone for that purpose . And they are many applications that allow us to do this and many take advantage of the summer to lower its price , it is increasingly common to use your terminal as a browser thanks to its ease of use and how quickly because this shows the routes and locate our position.

The latter is because the terminal, depending on how to put on the determination of the location, use or use integrated network connections available GPS sensor , both WiFi and 2G / 3G / 4G. But so quickly have their drawbacks and advantages, as usual in Android, the problem is a very high battery consumption.

save battery power when using the GPS

I have made ??several trips this summer and I used my smartphone as a GPS navigator, leading me surprised that in just two hours away consumed 70% battery, so if the trip is over 3 hours would not arrive with full battery to my destination. That’s why today I will show you a quick and easy to get reduce this excessive battery consumption we are concerned both trick.

Learning to use the location menu

First of all we must clear several concepts, the GPS sensor having our smartphone needs us to be outdoors to find our position , this is an advantage when we have no mobile network coverage, however this consumes battery pretty.

On this basis we will analyze the 3 modes having our location feature, these settings we can find in our menu Settings – Location:

Only device: As previously mentioned, this mode is based solely on the use of sensor location our smartphone , which is a function to be used only when we do not have mobile network connection.

Battery Saver: The mode name tells everything, this function is supported by the network connection to find our location , so it will use less battery because all it does is transmit a minimal amount of data to determine our position in function of the phone mast that we are connected and the distance to it. This option is the most recommended and which should be used almost always.

High accuracy: This is the way we show our location quickly and almost without fail , since it supports both types of location, both the network connection and the GPS sensor. My recommendation is to use this mode only when your smartphone is not able to locate, and always use the shortest possible time.

Knowing how our GPS and 3 modes perfectly unexpected like mine are saved when using our smartphone as a GPS navigator, my advice is to pre planifiquéis your journey , there are many GPS that allow us to keep our route and maps , when we are always on free WiFi while traveling and so have only activated battery saving option and if we can use a 2G connection even better because the battery saving compared to other modes will be very noticeable.

In addition there are many advantages to have the GPS navigator in your terminal , ease of maintenance, ability to query the latest maps at any time via the Internet, among many other advantages. And as always I encourage you if you can provide any more information or have a question for yourselves what we know through the comments.


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