Save Resources, Digitizing Video Cassettes

Save Resources, Digitizing Video Cassettes

There is a cost effective, reliable as well as relatively simple means to digitize the old video cassettes. Core of the digitization is the conversion of analog video data into a digital video format. This is done in an analog-digital converter (A / D converter). Anyone who has an A / D converter, a graphics card with video input and a video recorder along with the media files converter software can easily digitize all of the video data.

Technical Details

Check your graphics card has a corresponding video input. In addition, you now need an A / D converter. A rather poor quality alternative to this is a TV card, a good alternative is a special frame grabber card. In the case of tapes from a camcorder, it can also be connected directly to the video card if it is equipped with a digital video output. The conversion to digital data already happens in the player. In addition, your computer and graphics card should have enough computing power and have sufficient hard disk so that the digitization works fine.

Cables and adapters can be gotten in the electronics market, while the required software is available both as freeware and expensive professional software.

If you are expert enough to edit and modify your digital videos you can use, Adobe Premiere Pro, Pinnacle Studio, AVS video Editor, iMovie etc. In case of free software, AviSynth, Pinnacle VideoSpin, PowerDirector, VLC media player etc.


When you digitize your video tapes, you can choose quality and format to be stored. Recordings in high quality are suitable to be burned to DVD. Less important or shorter images can be stored on the hard disk in compressed video formats, a simple CD-Rom discs or burned to be stored on a data DVD. Now you have enough space on the shelf!


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