School Backpacks: Recommendations, Care and Dangers

When it comes to school backpacks, often parents do not usually pay enough attention when buying them and we usually choose the one that has the favorite character of our son simply because it is beautiful. However, choosing the right one is of great importance, especially because the health of our children will be at stake.

happy children with school backpacks Choose the best and protect the spine of your little ones

It is very important to pay attention to the school backpack, since not only do they usually carry it throughout the year, but it is also one of the big ones responsible for back pain, bad postures and muscular tensions in children . We tell you what you should consider before buying school bags, recommendations, care and purchase options. Take note!

The choice of school backpacks is very important because the health of children is at stake

While our children are excited to release a new backpack based on their favorite children’s character, parents prefer to use one that is comfortable and functional. So, how to choose the best backpack for children? What should we keep in mind when buying a school backpack?

Aspects such as resistance, durability, comfort or functionality are essential when choosing the right school backpacks, since normally children are required to carry on their backs an average of 3 kilos per day, a great weight that can provoke them, the long, different ailments in the spine.

Children are required to carry on their back an average of 3 kilos per day which can cause pain in the spine and back

The excess weight of backpacks is a cause for concern that we should take into account , as this can cause different muscle pain in children and in the worst case a deviation in the spine.

So that you can avoid your little one an uncomfortable school year and prevent these health problems that can affect both your life and your performance in school, you should pay attention when buying the new school backpacks for your children.

Children are required to carry on their back an average of 3 kilos per day which can cause pain in the spine and back

The size of school backpacks must be adequate

Did you know that the size of the backpack depends on the height of your child? The perfect school backpacks should measure the same as the torso of our children and in turn be stuck to your back next to the lower back, that is between the hips. Contrary to what you think, not always the biggest ones turn out to be the most useful, for this reason we recommend that before buying it, verify that the backpack does not exceed the waist of your child.

Materials of school backpacks: raincoats are an excellent choice!

To make sure that the school bags we choose are resistant, we must also look at the materials with which they are made. Backpacks made of fabric are usually the cheapest but if you’re looking for more durability, the most recommended are those made of plasticized cotton, since these materials are resistant to everything : to the sun’s rays so you do not lose color, To the humidity in case of rain, to the scrapes, they support the weight well, they wash easily and do not wear so much.

Backpacks made of fabric are usually the cheapest but if you're looking for more durability, the most recommended are those made of plasticized cotton

Choose a waterproof backpack is an excellent option, not only in the rain but because they tend to be more durable than the fabric.

Also, backpacks made with other plastic materials such as polyester or PVC, tend to be more rigid and therefore are the most common in the designs of school bags today. You should also make sure that the seams and finishes are complete and that the zips on the zippers are firm and easy to handle.

Padded back and straps for comfort

In the event that you plan to choose a backpack of straps, check that these are wide and strong, plus padded and adjustable, so you can accommodate them better to the height of your child. Some school backpacks even have straps at chest and waist levels that help to balance even more the weight of the backpack.

In addition to adjusting the backpack to the most appropriate height, the straps of the backpacks are also responsible for supporting virtually all the weight that is added . That is why it is important that you notice that they have a stable anchor. That is, do not slide on the shoulders of your little one every time you put something on it.

In addition to being something very uncomfortable, the backpack is hanging and when that happens children tend to stoop to sustain the weight.

The pads are indispensable in the strips because they help your child not get hurt and do not leave marks on their shoulders after a long day of school, so you should also make sure they are present in the back of the back that is directly in contact with your son.

Backpacks with two strips

The backpacks of two strips are usually the most used in schools, because when carrying books and school supplies are more functional, because thanks to its two strips, the weight is distributed in a more balanced on the back of the little ones. Of course, all the above characteristics must be taken into consideration so that they can fulfill their function in a more comfortable way.

Although with the backpacks of two strips we know that our children carry the right weight, the ideal is that we control that they always wear both straps so that, in addition to keeping the weight distributed, they avoid the tendency to stoop.

The school backpacks are preferred by children because they do not have to carry them and can drag them

The school backpacks are preferred by children because they do not have to carry them and can drag them

Remember that the best option in these cases are those backpacks that have wide strips , since they hold the shoulder better, than those with thin strips that tend to exert greater pressure.

Backpacks from a strip or shoulder strap

Unlike the previous ones, shoulder-style school backpacks are less used by children and although they are similar to those of two strips, the backpacks of a strip are placed diagonally on the torso. This style is perfect for when you need to carry little weight or for school trips in which you should only bring breakfast or snack, but instead, are not recommended when bringing books and supplies to school, since the weight is always too much to support on one shoulder. The Karactermania brand offers you a great variety of designs and styles of backpacks.

The backpacks are an excellent option for their practicality, but they are not recommended to carry a lot of weight

If this is your choice, it is important that when saving the objects, the heaviest ones go vertically and glued to the back so that there is no imbalance, besides, it is very convenient that the weight is exchanged, it is say, that your child alternates the shoulder on which he will wear the strip so as not to force the same side of the body.

Backpacks with wheels

The school backpacks of wheels are one of the preferred options for children and is that more and more children are going to school with these backpacks also known as carts. Since they free the column to carry all the weight of the tools and does not require much effort on the part of the small ones for their transfer, the backpacks with wheels are considered one of the most practical and safe alternatives.

The school backpacks are preferred by children because they do not have to carry them and can drag them

However, it is not advisable to overload them with many things, because according to some medical studies, prolonged use in a single arm could cause problems in your wrist , in addition to causing also a very unhealthy curvature of your spine, therefore, we recommend that you be attentive and procures that your children go pulling their backpack by exchanging arms to avoid overloading any of them or generate a bad movement.

The weight of a backpack with wheels is higher than that of a normal backpack, so it is not recommended if you have to climb many stairs

It is also essential that you choose this option only knowing that your child does not need to climb many stairs with it (since its weight is always higher than that of a backpack), and if you should not drag it for long distances (for example, walking from the home school).

Design and extra space

Normally children are more inclined to backpacks that have fashionable children’s characters , but if what we are looking for is that the backpack lasts for longer, the best option will always be those classic and resistant designs. In addition, even if it is only a backpack to go to school and do not need to have many compartments, we recommend that you look for a model that has at least two parts and small pockets on the sides and front as its location facilitates the classification and allow your child to have more space so he can organize other things that he needs at hand.

When choosing the backpack it is important not only that it is beautiful for your little one, but that it is the right one for your body

The opinion of your child when choosing school backpacks will always be very important, as it will be he who uses it throughout the school year. You will also feel much more excited to return to classes if you have your favorite supplies. However, as parents we know that the health of our child is paramount and that is why it is our duty to control more rigorously than all the materials our child chooses are safe and that the backpack is the right one to procure their health.


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