Sea salt and table salt: Which is better for losing weight?

The salt is an element that should always be reduced not only for losing weight, but in any diet. The high sodium content contains in salt is harmful not only for hypertension, but also consuming too much salt can cause fluid retention, among other things. If you choose to include sea salt in your diet, you should know the benefits of sea salt.

Using sea salt in your diet can be significantly more beneficial than using salt. First, the flavor is more concentrated, stronger and you do not need to use so much to enhance the flavor of foods also sea salt contains not only sodium but many minerals, essential for human life.
Properties of sea salt diet
The maximum benefit comes from the salt absorbs minerals in sea state. There is nurtured by iodine, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and many more other substances. It is clear that there is a common salt.

Of course, sea salt is sodium-free and not to be used with hypertension, although there are some substitutes. But those who can, should not hesitate to switch to this version, because it is less toxic, retains less liquid and provides minerals of all kinds. It also costs about the same. In short, sea salt is a great choice for weight loss, though it does not influence directly in this mission.


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