Search engine optimization fundamentals in new look

Before you begin to submit search engine optimization techniques more effective, I believe it is important to point out some basic concepts which are very fundamentals.

Let’s start first by defining Search Engine Optimizer. The SEO is one who, through various techniques and various efforts, aims to increase traffic that a website receives through search engines. But the work of SEO is not only quantitative, but also qualitative. In fact, it is critical that the traffic carried on the site, thanks to search engines, as well and close as possible to the ideal target date. And here we connect in the second step, you should keep in mind always when engaged in search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization in new look

In order to obtain good results in the world of search engine optimization is important to follow a well defined project. Let us not forget that the task of search engine optimization must fall in a more global context of marketing and communications, which if managed professionally, provides for the creation of a marketing plan, a feasibility study and then a budget. Improvisation does not pay. Hence it is necessary to define clearly, even for search engine optimization, the target that you want to hit, the competitors and the objectives to be achieved. Extrapolating these three entries from the marketing plan of the whole project that created the internet site to be indexed, there will be a match of intent between the project and the same indexing.

The third point to consider is the continuous update that an SEO must continue, not only about techniques to be used, but also on the world of search engines. Each search engine has its own characteristics, it is necessary to study, analyze and try to understand.

Here are some important SEO techniques needed for the search engine optimizer. Let’s look at the top 3:

Google: Has the undisputed primacy among the search engines. According to the markets considered (USA, UK, etc) its predominance varies between 70 to 93%.

Yahoo: In many markets is in second place in the top ten of liking users. Its percentage of use for users varies between 3 and 16%.

BING: This new search engine (began to be relevant in 2009) is growing a lot especially in the English-speaking market. Currently stands at around 10% in America.

It is clear from these figures that, if you need to index a site, you can focus entirely on a single search engine (Google). If instead you are facing other markets you should then carefully consider also other search engines, including Yahoo and Bing.

Wanting to deepen the discourse on Google is important to understand how, unlike other search engines, and more dynamic with regard to valuation techniques with which gives much importance to internet sites.

It should also be noted that Google’s algorithm, which is the formula with which the spider evaluates sieved websites, is changing continuously. It is an official news Google staff stating that the purpose of this change is always the same: allowing users to get the results matching as closely as possible to your needs.


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