Secrets tips to remove eyelashes makeup

When removing makeup it is customary to use the same lotion to your entire face, including their most delicate parts such as lips, eyes or eyelashes. This is not the right thing because there are specific sites for certain products specifically designed to avoid irritation.

In this regard you must bear in mind that the eyelashes are a very sensitive part of the face in general always make up on, and even sometimes rizamos put false. Its hair is weak and there to take care of falling. This is nothing like a good cleansing routine as we explain in the following lines.

Secrets tips to remove eyelashes make up


The first thing is: always use good quality mask, whatever their final finish, or brand. The important thing is that they are enriched with keratin or other assets to care.

Then another principle is never go to bed without removing make-up perfectly the entire face, including eyelashes. If you do so daily, the eyelashes may start to fall off or fade. Also notice that the next days are not at their best.


As up removing the tabs correctly

Use specific products that come to this task, as their ingredients allow you to perform a proper cleaning without damaging eyelashes. There are more oily or aqueous, but they must be specific.

The lotion or gel suitable for this work must be enriched with emollients and extracts soothings. Always use better products whose ingredients are based on nature.

Place a small amount of product on a cotton ball and begin to remove the makeup from the eyelid to the tips of the lashes, with smooth and delicate. Never rub to remove them.

It is advisable to place the swab in the remover for about 10 seconds on the tabs with your eyes closed and then slide the bottom up. That will be more humid area of product and therefore will be easier to work.

Also pass the cotton in the area below the eyes, to remove all traces of makeup that may remain. Usually creates a dark area below it is quite difficult to remove if not done immediately. The next day you may see dark circles.

If your mascara is waterproof, use a special product for it. You also have to take special care in cleaning, since an excessive use weakens the follicle.


Did you stay without cleansing?

This happens many more times than you would have a solution yet. You can use some baby oil to remove the mascara, but you only do it once as a last resort if you can not go out and get the usual cleansing.

To use the oil, take a swab and moisten with oil drink, apply slowly one by one on the tabs to prevent damage to the hair and even at the bottom of the eye.


Featured Products

Avene: ideal for sensitive eyes or contact lenses. This gentle cleanser, Avene, clean eye without damaging this delicate area. Suitable for all around the eye and even eyelashes.


The body shop: delicate and natural, soft eye makeup remover Chamomile Body Shop cleans eyelashes and eyelids due to the softening power of the mask. It also has a delicate aroma and decongestant.


Secrets tips to remove eyelashes make up

L’Oréal: Suitable for all the faces, the elixir pure concentrated cleanser is formulated expert professional. Furthermore, despite being multi (eyes, lips), is very gentle to the eyes as their tolerance has been dermatologically tested, ideal to break the waterproof makeup.



The tabs are made-up almost daily and require much care, from choosing to use mascara to the product to remove makeup. Therefore, you must take into account these simple guidelines to keep them healthy and prevent its collapse or weakening.


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