Sega pass, another victim of hackers

Pirate attacks continue to websites of games, mainly looking to find security vulnerabilities and to steal user data. This time it’s your turn to web games SEGA Pass, site of last weekend suffered a considerable loss of confidential information from users who have files in your database.

Sega pass, another victim of hackers

SEGA Pass’ company executives had to recognize the attack and also asked for their “sincere apologies” to customers for any inconvenience and concern caused by this issue. SEGA Pass is the service that is used to provide information about our new products to registered users and has no financial information of the customer.

“After you identify unauthorized entry, SEGA Pass immediately stopped service and adopted emergency measures to prevent further damage. This included immediate contact with all our registered users SEGA. We are currently investigating the cause of the incident”, he continued in his statement to the media.

Obviously at that time all eyes, especially those responsible for computer security LulzSec looked at, very active group of hackers in recent months which are said to be responsible for the attacks on the pages of Sony and U.S. Government. In fact, that Friday had been released LulzSec Twitter a huge archive with thousands of email addresses and their passwords.

However, they were LulzSec hackers who were responsible for this attack to distance themselves from pirate SEGA Pass: via Twitter, members pleaded LulzSec Dreamcast fans of the game and that they had been in contact with the authorities of SEGA to offer their help in catching hackers who accessed your site.

The truth is that now you can not access the web SEGA Pass and on its website the following text appears:

“SEGA Pass is being improved so that they can not sign up new members or make changes to its current members, including password reset”.

“We hope to return very soon.”

But what lies behind it? Nothing more and nothing less than theft of 1.2 million data users related to their identities: e-mail address, names, birth dates and encrypted access key. According to SEGA Pass authorities have not been able to take any account information.


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