Send text messages without displaying sender’s number

Anyone can send an SMS without number, you must consider only a few small things and usually does this on a stranger’s cell phone or via the Internet.

That may come in a special situation and want to send a text message with no sender’s number, there are certainly understandable reasons. The unique number is not transmitted, the sender retains his anonymity.

Send text messages without displaying sender’s number

Send a text message with no number

It is possible via its own mobile phone to send an SMS, without the unique number transmitted with. Almost everyone knows a natural situation where you would rather not appear and there is no talk of illegal activity.

You can of course use a foreign mobile phone or fall back to services on the Internet. Everyone should be clear at this point that he borrowed a cell phone does not necessarily remain undetected for long must the recipient. If a borrowed cell phone, so has the number of receivers and he can call them anytime and ask questions about the person.

The Internet provides many different services, making it possible that any one can send SMS without number. All kinds of variations are found, you can also reply to messages received, with no one must know against who you are. With many providers, the message is simply written in a text box and then sent to a specified number.

If a message from illegal reasons have been submitted anonymously, so this does not mean that one can not but recognize the sender. An identification of the sender with the investigating authorities is of course possible. So don’t use for any kind of illegal activities.

Send an SMS online

Many people like to take on the variety of offers on the Internet and send text messages online. After payment of a fixed price, it’s even the ability to send unlimited SMS. This is accomplished in a variety of Internet sites, and these deals are usually financed by advertising. It is only important that attention is paid to the terms and conditions of each service provider.

Some providers following a security check, according to a number or letter combination to be transmitted. Here now, everyone has the opportunity to write down the sender, otherwise you can send an SMS without number. Such a site is and search on google, you will get more, sure.


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