Sexual anorexia Causes and treatments

With the level of demand which currently raises daily life in the cities, where people give everything to highlight at the working level and to grow economically, personally often relegated.

This overview provides the basis of sexual anorexia, a disorder of sexuality affecting more and more people, and while this kind of evils tends to be more common in women, there are many men who also suffer.

Sexual anorexia evil of our times for Holistic Health

Sexual anorexia is actually the lack of sexual appetite, often accompanied by a distortion of body image and overwhelming concern to avoid situation of sex.

However, it is clear that the term sexual anorexia is recent, but is part of Desire Disorders in psychiatric classifications protocol. Most important to emphasize is that it is a deep fear that makes these patients reject the sexual contact, and also lack of desire and fantasy.

This fear acts as a fixed idea, and is to be ridiculed by the sexual partner, feeling apprehensive of physical awkwardness and a feeling of not having resources for good performance.

Thus, the fear is installed and with him, the rejection of new encounters and the idea is that sex is not pleasurable but repulsive and unpleasant. In this context – of course – the mind plays against and no stimulation is able to awaken the erotic in the sexual anorexic. Sometimes comes at the beginning of sexual life, other cases have occurred after several years of normal sexuality and often there are conflicts in the background, for example, a worn-out marriage.

This is how excuses appear to avoid privacy: lying down early, the care of children or grandchildren, social activities, friendships, neglect of body image.

These people share with those who suffer from anorexia nervosa some features common, as the obsessive thinking, the hiperexigencia and the difficulty to express emotions. Also, the disorder can be displayed together with other conditions such as depression, hypothyroidism, PTSD after abuse or rape, breast surgery or other areas of substance abuse.

Before some of these symptoms, only the sexologist can help find proper treatment, but is helpful practice relaxation exercises and techniques to help modify the body image, such as yoga, the bioenergetics, the body counseling, experiential psychotherapies, among others. The couple, confrontation with the truth, seeks help together and foster intimate encounters which initially exclude genital, to add it later.


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