Sexuality after menopause

The phase following the menopause is revealed in many couples as one of the happiest periods of sexual harmony. Binomial unrelated sex-procreation, relationships can live more freely than ever. The only problem is that some women complain of decreased vaginal lubrication. Physical changes can be combated with specific hormonal therapies and psychotherapies. But what counts is that the woman does not live alone and that this process is in your family comfort, security and solidarity. And the role of sex in it can be vital.

Sexuality after menopause

The origin of obsessions

Obsessions are common to all human beings. These occur especially at the time of adolescence. For example, developing attachments with people close either (teachers, etc…) or that may seem unattainable (sports idols, music, etc…). But the danger is unleashed when the obsessive moves from theory to practice and can not control the urge, turn to act.

From there harassing acts, chasing and controlling. In the worst comes to stop attacking. The person does not always act obsessively driven by love, but that’s what I thought at first. It can act only driven by an excessive desire for mastery. Even the perverse pathology of wanting strike fear in the other person.

After a fatal attraction

Relations arising from a fatal attraction not usually end well. Positive moments sometimes not offset in relation to the troubles and stresses that may result in the relationship. The depressions are usually normal by the emergence of continuous fighting or reviews. In addition, harassment causes fear, which can end the harassed person using a psychologist to restore normal behavior.

The fear of love is a big problem. People find it difficult to undertake another relationship and work much more cautiously. There is also a sense of guilt for leaving the relationship. Finally, the isolation of living with an obsessive partner, the person away from friends and family.

Partner and work

The integration of women in senior positions and the new orientation of human resources departments are two causes for the increase in sex between coworkers. It is now much easier to match people of different sexes. In addition, the work routine has its influence. Work a holism can do to reduce the time for matchmaking.

Physical proximity is a critical element in the success of a relationship, something that is common when working. Moreover, work together. The intensity of the task and the fact it originates triumphant empathy. In addition, health reasons (threat of AIDS, for example) have made no chances in sexual contact with strangers.

Love relations work how long?

The relationships that occur on the job can last from one night to several years. The one-night stands are the least, about 3%. Another similar percentage, almost 5%, is one who understands the relationships that come to week. The 11% of couples get to meet a month together.

The highest percentages are the overtones relations are proceeding. The 27% of couples half a year of living together and 12% gets to celebrate the first anniversary. In 37% of cases more than a year together, although it is becoming increasingly difficult.


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