Share files in real time with JustBeamIt

Sharing files over the Internet is a very common and can currently be done through several ways: P2P, direct download sites (Megaupload, Rapidshare, Mediafire) or e-mail, among others. But we always find new alternatives that must be taken into account.

This time we talk about JustBeamIt, a site that simplifies the most of the file transfer. The operation of this site is based on a P2P system that requires no desktop clients, but that’s not all as it is also extremely fast loading/unloading and ease of use offered to Internet users.

If you want to share files via this site just have to drag them into the main box. If you prefer a more conventional method can also upload files from the scan button green. Service automatically creates a link that will be sent to the receiver of the files.

When the latter opens the link will start the transfer in real time, without limits or restrictions of any kind. One of the most attractive aspects of JustBeamIt is that does not require registration, a great relief for those surfers who want to share all your files without losing time.

There is no doubt that we are witnessing a great service because it is always ready to be enjoyed and its use requires no additional software. P2P is simple and excellent quality. Do not miss this platform because it has everything it takes to become a daily utility operation.


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