Short and quick diet to lose weight

The heat and sun of spring are present, and there increase extra pounds in summer and winter too. So if you want to lose weight there is different diets and methods that can help, such as a short and quick menu that allows you to slim down some kilos in no time.

Short and quick diet to lose weight

With this short and quick diet you can lose between 2 to 3 kilos in a week. This is characterized as a simple diet, in which special foods you eat every day to meet the week.

On this diet you should drink 2 liters of water, tea and spice up your meals with lemon, pepper and herbs. If you have problems with hypertension you can use salt in moderation.

Quick Menu to lose weight and short
First day: On this day you can only eat fat burning vegetable soup. The goal is to cleanse the body and prepare it to lose kilos faster.

Second day: You can eat fish and vegetable broth or homemade fat-free light. The fish can prepare grilled or grilled.

Third day: You can eat fresh and light broth.
Fourth day: You can eat chicken and broth light.
Fifth Day: Eat light broth and fresh salads and light gelatin.
Day Six: You can consume 1 serving of beef without visible fats, vegetables and broth light, the amount you want.

Seventh day: Consume fish, fresh vegetables or steamed and fresh fruit.

This menu must be accompanied by:
Breakfast: 1 cup of green tea. 2 slices of whole wheat toast and cheese 0% fat spreadable.
Snack: 1 yogurt.

In addition to this diet, there are others that can also help you lose weight a little faster, such as day diet to increase metabolism, diet for a week or 7-day liquid diet.

Be slim loss weight and look smart

Keep in mind that this diet is short and quick, so it is not advisable that you do for over a week. Once done, you can choose to make a balanced diet or maintenance diet, according to you need to lose kilos.

Do not forget to consult your physician with any questions or queries.


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