Short-sightedness or Myopia can be laser: the need to consider

Corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses can be used on a nearsightedness. For many people, these visual aids, however, very disturbing and therefore is considered is surgery, then to let the laser myopia. Before the procedure should allow the parties to examine and consult an ophthalmologist.

Short-sightedness or Myopia can be laser the need to consider

What should be the laser myopia to be considered?

Lasik surgery as the method is possible in a short-sightedness in most cases, if not certain maximum levels were exceeded. For all common vision problems, this intervention is a simple and permanent solution.

Although the costs are in contrast to earlier partially sunk very strong need of such surgery still has a relatively large financial outlay.

The health insurance is usually not helpful in this intervention, the victims must pay for the surgery out of pocket.

Before the procedure in a medical study, the suitability is ensured, furthermore informed the doctor nor about the procedure and possible risks.

The operation

The LASIK procedure can correct nearsightedness up to -10 diopters. Before surgery, patients receive anesthetic drops or special request or a drug to calm down.

Eyes are placed before the operation Lidhalter, this keeps the eye open reliably. Before the laser procedure, the cornea is cut and folded flat.

With an excimer laser at a certain thickness of the cornea is removed, at a nearsightedness, the cornea is a lot flatter.

The entire laser process usually takes no more than a minute. After surgery, the flap is closed again and it will create an eye bandage.

Myopia lasers – potential consequences

After the laser myopia can occur in the menstrual pain and burning eyes, and an increased tear is often the case. In the first period after surgery is a highly increased sensitivity to glare.

The procedure is painless and largely straightforward, but patients should expect that there in some cases still need glasses. In five to ten percent of those treated a pair of glasses is still needed.


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