Signs and symptoms of heat stroke in puppies

As I have said on other occasions, dogs are more sensitive to high temperatures than humans, they do not have the ability to perspire . Therefore, during this time of year it is important to take precautions, by learning symptoms of heat stroke, doing everything possible to keep your pets suffer negative consequences.

What we should be careful of is that the dog does not suffer heat stroke, which happens if the animal’s body reaches 43 degrees. Obviously, if this happens you must act immediately. Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms that can indicate that you have a very high body temperature. Here we talk about the most common.

Heat Stroke and Hyperthermia in Dogs

The most common symptoms of heat stroke

There are several signs and symptoms of heat stroke that the dogs have reached a very high body temperature. Generally these symptoms usually appear from 42 ° C. The most common are lack of strength, muscle tremors, costly or too rapid breathing, increased heart rate, bluish skin, difficulty walking, loss of balance, vomiting, diarrhea, salivation alteration, disruption of mucous and wobble. In some cases, the animal may pass out or go into shock.

Important to act quickly

If you think your dog is in this dangerous phase you must act immediately. How? Well, it is best to take a cool, put ice on the body, give him wet with water and cold water. It can also be a good idea to soak the animal spirit , as this will help the temperature drops. Of course, the better to avoid this suffering to the animal and yourself is to learn to protect the dog from the heat.


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