Signs and symptoms of deficiency of vitamins and minerals

The rhythms of life and myriad set of activities that are included in day to day life today, sometimes do not pay attention to certain everyday things such as food. This makes it relatively easy to fall into a vitamin deficiency . In this note I tell you what are the signs of lack of each of the vitamins and minerals. Overall eruptions often occur and dry skin , thinning hair , brittle nails and both physical and mental fatigue.

deficiency of vitamins
Vitamin A : Difficulties in sight, more precisely in the night. Excess manifests with jaundice, irritability, anorexia, vomiting, blurred vision.

Vitamin C : It is water soluble so consumption should be fairly regular. Its deficiency is manifested by weakness, anemia, bleeding gums.

Vitamins B : the B group vitamins are water soluble, so as vitamin C should consume frequently. General signs of deficit include weakness, fatigue (B1); skin lesions or ulcers (B2); dermatitis, diarrhea and dementia (B3); mouth ulcers, irritability, depression (B6); dermatitis, sleep, candidiasis (B8); mouth ulcers, anemia (B9); Tingling, fatigue and anemia (B12).

Vitamin D : The biggest problem created by lack of vitamin D is the weakening of the bones, this disorder is common in babies and is called rickets.

Vitamin E : The most common signs of vitamin deficiency are anemia, muscle weakness and neurological disorders.

Vitamin K : Signs of lack translate into: nasal bleeding and clotting problems.

Calcium : its lack can be seen to occur muscle cramps, depression, neuromuscular irritability.

Phosphorus : lack of appetite, muscle weakness and fatigue, anemia, muscle and bone pain, respiratory failure.

Iron : The most common sign is translated as anemia. We lose stress resistance, we feel tired and sleepy.

Magnesium : Muscle fatigue, contractures.

Potassium : cramps, muscular fatigue and tiredness when performing physical exertion, dizziness, nausea.

Iodine : opaque and thick hair, hypothyroidism.

Zinc : dry skin, hair loss, brittle nails and brittle.


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