Since COVID-19 lock down, people are searching tips to buy online safely

When we want to buy online to take advantage of online sales sessions or simply to facilitate the acquisition of products or services, we must take into account some recommendations to avoid setbacks and live the best experience. According to the most recent studies and surveys, a great number of people (more than 60% of the online shoppers) uses their cell phone / Smartphone while only a few peoples (approximately 20%) uses their laptops to buy online.

You always have to read all the information offered by the promotion

Among the purchasing preferences of our country are technological and entertainment devices, household appliances, clothing and footwear, sporting goods, among others.

However, there are still people who doubt whether it is safe to make purchases online, and in reality, they miss out on benefits such as saving money, time traveling, opportunities to buy products from anywhere in the country or internationally and of course promotions.

To keep our site’s visitors safe while buying online by using credit cards or PayPal, we have prepared a series of tips, let’s get started!

1. Prepare your device and Browser with a good connection

When buying online, whether on a computer, tablet or Smartphone, keep in mind to keep the browser updated to ensure proper operation. Likewise, install an antivirus and avoid entering unknown or mistrust pages.

It is best not to make purchases from a public Wi-Fi network. Always use your home or mobile data connection.

2. Make your purchases from safe and well-reputed sites

A serious site is recognized by the design, what it offers, the payment method and its security. And how to know if a page is safe to carry out an economic transaction? Well, check if the address begins with the https protocol and if a padlock icon appears in the address bar. All e-commerce must have SSL technology, which is a security standard that encrypts user information.

Remember that credit card numbers, security codes or debit card keys are confidential information and should not be delivered by chat, email, call, or text message.

3. Review the conditions and additional costs

You always have to read all the information offered by the promotion. Sometimes taxes or shipping value are not included in the price offered, likewise examine the dates the discount applies.

If you are not sure or not enough data is provided, it is best to contact the store directly and ask all the necessary questions. Some offer advice via WhatsApp or chatbots. Better to find out and thus avoid headaches.

4. Compare prices and offers when buying online

The great advantage of buying online: being able to review different web pages to compare and be sure that the promotion is worth it. Or also to know more characteristics of the products and / or services. It is always better to be wary when something is too cheap, you may end up buying knockoffs or poor quality versions.

5. Discuss shipping or store delivery options

Sometimes the buyer has the option of paying for shipping to their doorstep or picking it up directly at the store. If the price offered includes shipping, it is better to take advantage of it and not worry about anything. However, if the delivery promise is more than 20 business days it is better to go and collect it personally.

Also, do not forget to check if your address is within the coverage area and how many days it takes for delivery. When the stores have alliances with quality and recognized shipping services, you can track it from the website of the shipping company and know where your order is and the estimated time to get it in your hands.

6. Verify the means of payment available to buy online

In this step you have probably already made the decision to buy online. Now it is necessary to review what forms of payment the store of your choice offers. If it is a credit card only, or if it offers more options such as debit card, cash on delivery, bank deposit, Paypal, among others. In fact, recently even more options and innovations such as virtual cards, payments through apps and more have been implemented.

An additional tip is to confirm that your account is enabled by the bank to make online payments. Sometimes it is necessary to pre-authorize or request a code that, generally, are random and unique keys to carry out transactions with confidence and security on the Internet.

7. Remember, there is always the possibility of return

Before buying, check the return or warranty policy. Each store has its own policy; either after certain business days, do it at no cost, directly in a physical store or only by shipping, etc. Of course, always with the purchase invoice, labels, accessories and original packaging.

Be careful, the return is not necessarily the same as change; You may be able to return the product, but they will give you a voucher to buy again at the store.

8. Check the status of your purchase and bank movements

After making the purchase, it is important to check if your transaction was approved and check the movements of your bank account. In this way you can find out about the number of transactions and the trade from where they were made. If you suspect a scam or see something irregular, call your bank immediately.

Shopping online can be a reliable and successful experience. Connecting to a trusted network, preparing the budget and reviewing the conditions of the offers is key.


Professional writer with more than 7 years of experience. Joseph has worked as a content creator and editor on different web pages. He has been coordinator and content manager in various editorial teams. He also has extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing.