Optimal sitelink structure of better search engine optimization

As said in the post’s introduction on internal and external links, the structure of links between pages of a website is very important to get good results positioning in search engine optimization. Let’s try to find the most interesting topics on this issue.

Optimal structure

Placement of internal links

The internal links of a website, in order to be effective, you should put them in a navigation bar as high as possible, in a menu on the left, and finally in the sitemap in the footer. The top and left because the movement of the human eye has a generally zig zag movement that starts from the top and from left and ends at the bottom right. Even the “eyes” of the search engines follow a path that goes from top to bottom, then, the ideal location for internal links, the most important seems to be just up and left. The footer guarantees the presence of internal links when you scroll across the page, the sitemap helps users not to get lost and search engines to browse through all the pages of your site. Important insert internal links in the texts of the various pages, so to entice surfers to stay longer on your website and see your various pages and documents of the domain.

Relationship between the linked pages

In a previous post we defined the structure of the seo friendly website. Following this scheme, the advice as to internal links, it is to tie the pages of the main topics at the site (home pages of secondary education) the main home page and then the various simple descriptive pages to the respective home page of second degree to which they refer, follow, even for internal links, a tree structure. This is for a very specific reason, the importance of a web page (page rank) is basically distributed among the various pages linked to it. The home page usually has a high page rank, and not to waste this value between too many pages of your site, it is necessary to “push” some of the main pages so that they will appreciate in value, which will in turn be redistributed to other pages linked to them.

Identification of key phrases for internal links

Insert into a page from your site a link to another page on the same domain as your means to indicate to search engines, and also to users of your site the opportunity to consult on an in-depth certain theme treated by us. This provides great expectation and value to the linked page. Therefore, it is important to use as link a keyword phrase that identifies, in an extremely concise, the content of the page itself. Use a keyword phrase in the title and description of the linked page is the best way to connect it.

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In conclusion, you must remember that a good internal link structure is important to provide users with the ability to move easily between the pages of your site, to entice the users to stay longer within your domain consulting multiple pages but also to direct the search engines to all pages of your website and to increase the value of the internal pages.


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