Skin Care & Blush for cold polar: user manual according to your skin

The blush is one of the products that is most grateful in cosmetics and makeup. And it is like mascara. Just applying it changes the face and becomes more alive and illuminated. However, it is not always used properly because it does not take into account the skin tone or if you are tanning or not, which is one of the most common mistakes at this time of year. Here we give you the keys to get the most out of this product.

Tanned skin

When you are tanned, you usually look good and have a healthy face on its own. However, in these cases, it is also possible to use the blush. Practically all shades can be used, although those that are lighter than skin are not recommended . Be careful also with all those who are land because they will go more unnoticed, which can result in a less flattering effect.

In contrast, sun powders are perfect because they enhance the tan tone and features. In this way, they become perfect for summer. In addition, another of its advantages is that they are very easy and comfortable to apply.

Skin Care for cold polar

Clear skin

In the event that women have fair skin, pale pink or peach tones are the most suitable in order to be able to illuminate the face in a natural way. However, if you want a more sophisticated result, the best thing is that the tone is the closest thing to the lips.

Also, if you are in this group of women, you should also pay special attention to the texture of the blush. The best bet is a light product because it makes it more difficult to make mistakes due to excess or defect when giving birth to the face.

Face off

In those cases in which the dermis is turned off, you have to opt for the coral or apricot tones so that it provides luminosity and looks more cheerful. You should always avoid pink and too dark colors. For those more sophisticated outfits or for the night, you can choose a blush that has light flashes or golden particles with which you get an extra dose of light.


During the coldest winter, our skin really takes for its cold! A pro offers a contingency plan to be comfortable in our skin, whatever the weather.

1. Gentle cycle

Caroline Debbasch, director of science communications for Vichy, prescribed to clean face morning and evening with a lotion or cleansing milk micellar without rinsing, to prevent the limestone in the water dries out our skin.

2. Low temperatures

It reinvents the ritual bath and shower. In both cases, wash with warm water and it limits the duration of ablutions in a dozen minutes. Otherwise, hello dander and redness!

3. Gentle moisturizing

Farewell soaps and gels for the body: in winter, skin requires oils and rich cleansing creams that remove dirt without dehydrating.

4. Protective Sealants

Because of the dry air and the temperature difference between inside and outside, skin produces less sebum twice than usual during the winter. Result: it is more prone to cracking and itching. To compensate, just engaged in a rigorous routine of hydration. It can be obtained from facials and body -based glycerin (which preserves the natural moisture) and ceramide (repairing), and applied out of the bath or shower to seal the moisture in the skin.

5. Sleep therapy

Once a week, replace night cream with a nourishing facial mask that rinsed out of bed.


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