Skin care: what is the facial tonic

The facial toner is an essential part of any treatment for the face, and unfortunately is one of the products that are generally less importance to women when making any kind of care your skin.

The tonic because of its texture and aroma is considered a multisensory water benefits the skin and senses, this product should be used daily after skin cleansing and before applying moisturizer or treating ending the process.

Basically toning lotion helps normalize skin that has been subjected to cleaning, it restores the pH of the skin, regardless if it was used for foam, gel or cream cleaner. The tonic is a necessary step after cleansing or mask and before the cream or emulsion it takes as cutaneous biotype involved.

The tonic also cools, moisturizes, tightens pores, balances the skin and prepares it for you to receive further treatment. There are different types of tonics which are special for each skin, the dermis is for sensitive, fat, dry, limp, etc.

The implementation of the tonic is very simple, just for information I mention that there are several ways to use:

One is with a cotton pad soaked with tonic lotion applied by gentle tapping on the skin or soft, circular movements.

Another way is applying as a “fog” on the face, in this case the toner has to come in a package with proper spray.

Finally, you can spread the tonic for the face with his hands, palms pressing on the skin, without rubbing, just gently resting them for penetration.

Before applying the cream or lotion on the skin, you have to wait for the facial toner to dry naturally in the air completely.


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