Skype breaks down: tips and tricks

Skype suffers a malfunction that prevents some users, not all, but many who have the Windows operating system from Microsoft, to access their services when they enter their username and password data. Initially it was thought that this failure was a result of new adaptations of Skype services after buying it from Microsoft, the cost grew to the figure of 5920 million euros, but this version was contradicted in the same Skype blog.

Skype breaks down

As has been reported in the official Skype blog, there is no relationship between this purchase and the ruling that Skype has offered in recent days, but everything possible is due to a software programming problem and its solution can be resolved by the same user, a manual mode until necessary changes are made in the software of the site, return to normal.

Therefore, if you use Skype and you have this connection error that prevents you from accessing the traditional way to your account, you must follow the recommendations of solution offered in your blog. These recommendations are directed to:

1.-If the Skype icon is displayed in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen, you must press the right mouse button and select Quit.

2.-done, you have to click Start and type “run” and press Enter.

3.- Type “% appdata% / Skype” and click OK.

4.- Locate and delete the file “shared.xml.”

5.- If you do not find the file do the following:

  • Start, type “run” and press Enter.
  • Type “control folders” and click OK.
  • In the View tab, make sure it is enabled “Show hidden files and folders.”
  • Repeat instructions 1 to 4.

6.- Restart Skype.

According to the developers of Skype, these manual changes to the service should return to normal, this should be done until the online Skype itself is corrected according to them is a matter of hours.


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