Skype mobile – how it works

Inexpensive Skype mobile with the user-friendly program Skype. For only 1.9 cents / minute at home, you can conveniently make calls with your friends on the landline.

Find a program that lets you make calls through your phone cost? Then you are well advised to work with Skype. Make calls to other Skype namely users, so the phone completely free of charge. Make calls in the fixed network, you pay 1.9 cents / minute. Skype not only allows low-cost phone calls, but also to chat. Below you will find instructions on how to easily, without major restrictions can Skype mobile.

Skype mobile - how it works

Skype mobile – how it works

Before you can use Skype mobile, you need to download the program on your smartphone as follows: In the “App Store” under the “Search” command Skype. Then download the free app on your phone. Now open Skype on your phone and fill in the following command: “create account”, the appropriate fields with your data. Afterwards, look for a suitable name for Skype. About the Skype name you selected, you will be found later from your contacts.

After registration with the correct password, you can easily and inexpensively be on Skype mobile. With the search feature “contacts”, you can be friends, acquaintances and so on to your account to add by clicking in the upper right corner, click the plus sign to add and select the function you require.

Only after successful confirmation of contact, you can use Skype for free with this mobile, or chat. All your contacts will be recorded in a list. To chat or telephone, you can select the person you want on your smartphone with your finger and go to the command “Call” or “chat”.

Under the command of “call” you can call the people on landline. In the item “Log” to see incoming and outgoing calls. Last located in the bottom button bar “My Info” on the Create a profile and purchase Skype Credit.

Costs for Skype mobile

When Skype mobile, the cost to keep a better overview, as the landlines. Skype also has the advantage that you are bound by a contract, but you can download – similar to a prepaid card – a credit to your account, which can then make calls. This works fine on the charge credit Visa card.

Make calls to landlines, so are the costs in advance to 1.9 cents / minute. Take the monthly subscription right, you pay for international calls, 0.9 cents / minute. Finally, you can use Skype Premium from € 5.99 a month to perform three or more persons with a group video call.


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