Slide scanner

Slide scannerIf you’re the kind of people who are like a magpie, meaning that you keep everything as if your house was a museum, sure in the depths of a closet or drawer are some photo negatives dying of laughter. If, prior to view the photos I’ve had to do a process called development.

Well now you can rescue from oblivion those negatives where you appear in his underwear eating a jar with a face of disgust or your first degree after having been in the post 200 in a college career.

How? Very easy with this original negative scanner screen SD. You can connect to your PC or MAC as scanned photos loaded directly onto the SD card of 2 GB included.

All you have to do is load the negatives, scan them and let the little machine do the rest. Before turning to the computer you will see the result on your screen and if you do not like to give the delete button. So you have all those memories of yesteryear in your computer the easy way. Original huh?


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