Smart and Easy way to upload music to Grooveshark

In recent years, CD sales are dropping precipitously, so a good way to make songs is to offer them through streaming music services like Grooveshark or Spotify. The latter is necessary to go through a record label, but Grooveshark allows us to do independently.

To gain access to your favor by copyright (which make no mistake, usually not much) you must create an account as artists. This is an option that you find if you simply click on the button to upload music in the bar at the left side.

Once you have created this account, you just go to “Upload Music” and add the songs you want with the information requested. Before doing this you must take into account the need to have Java installed in your machine for the upload procedure.

And it’s that simple, in less than an hour and have your music on the Internet so that your fans can be heard all over the world. you also have the option of selecting artists for your songs appear as a suggestion to all those who listen, so you have a wider audience.

If you find that some of your songs were already uploaded by another user, you always have the opportunity to delete them. If you recorded the songs and you own the copyright only you will decide what songs are available.

When artists have an account, you can access a menu where you can see how often people have heard your songs and how many times have been shared in social networks, making you a better idea if you like it or not.


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