Passive smoking causes abortions and infertility

Although it was well known for a long time that smoking is harmful to pregnant women and expectant father, it has not been fully understood instead the effects of passive smoking. But there are people nearby, friends, relatives or friends who are so addicted to cigarettes not even possible to respect the health of others.

women who had contact with smokers for many hours a day had fertility problems and abortions

To shed light on the harms of passive smoking on female fertility is a recent U.S. study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Rochester (USA) and published in the journal Tobacco Control.

It follows from the data collected by scientists on a sample of 4,800 non-smoking women, to be exposed to secondhand smoke increases the risk of spontaneous abortions and infertility by 68%.

As much as 40% of women who had contact with smokers for many hours a day had fertility problems and abortions.

The numbers regarding the risks of miscarriage are very high that make you think and maybe give a sigh of relief to be free of smoke snuff, at least in public places where it is forbidden by law.

However, the likelihood of victimization by others remain in a familiar environment and at home. Evenings with friends where rooms seem imbued with smoke, or smoking parents who continue to light smoking, even in the presence of children, are classic risk situations. It seems, in fact, cause fertility problems, even if exposure to smoke as smoke occurred in early childhood.

That is, dear parents, if you smoke in the presence of their children when adults may have difficulty conceiving a child and have a higher risk of a miscarriage. Still worth smoking? Just decide to quit smoking right now.


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