How does it smoking harm the Environment

We all know that smoking is a health-damaging activity, even for passive smokers. Tobacco is related to a multitude of diseases, including different types of cancers. What not everyone knows is that the biggest suffering as a passive smoker is precisely our environment! Yes, the environment. And among the negative consequences of tobacco for the environment, air pollution is perhaps one of the least dangerous.

Butts as hazardous waste

Billions of cigarettes consumed each year produces billions of cigarette butts which make them the largest waste in the world. Remember that the cigarette butts are the most toxic part of the cigarette.

billions of cigarettes are consumed per year and according to the Ministry of Health

The cigarette butt filters are made of cellulose acetate, a non-biodegradable material that can pollute nature for 25 years until it decomposes. The cigarette butt can also contain remains of nicotine and tar, two of the main toxic substances in the cigarette that can contaminate up to 50 liters of water per cigarette.

Air quality

Apart from traditional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are also harmful to the environment, since the vapor of them also contains toxic substances, but they are still a useful element to get quit doing a good to the environment and granting Benefits for your own health directly.

Traditional cigarette smoke emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHG). It is estimated that smokers produce 225,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to emissions of 12,000 cars traveling 10,000 kilometers.

But not only GHGs are dangerous, but other pollutants emitted by cigarettes and are kept in suspension in the atmosphere. The amount of this type of pollutant particles is up to ten times greater than the smoke of some diesel engines, the most polluting.

Tobacco, the cause of deforestation

It is estimated that out of every eight trees felled in the world, the remaining space for cultivation of three of them will result in a new tobacco planting. The largest tobacco plantations are found in developing countries that find in tobacco a path of economic growth by deforesting important tropical forests.

Tobacco is a major cause of deforestation not only because of this, but in its own production process paper is important for cigarettes, packs and cartons . In many of these countries immense amounts of land are being devoted to cultivating tobacco, prioritizing this crop against others of an alimentary character.


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