Social networks: do you have any regrets?

The answer is “yes” for the U.S. Internet, if one relies on a survey commissioned by the site Retrevo.

The results of this survey, as many as one in three Americans said he regretted the publication of a photo or a comment about him on one or other of the various platforms of social networking.

Social networks, do you have any regrets

Worse, this figure rises to more than one user on two – 54% – in less than 25 years. Fun Fact: the owners of “smart” mobile are “twice as likely to publish something they regret later”, reports Reuters.

A thousand users were interviewed for this survey shows that over the past year, the percentage of “regrettable actions posed Online” is up slightly.

Thus, three percent of those surveyed believe that a simple chirp posted on Twitter or ruined their marriage or a friendship. 6%, a publication sent without much reflection caused them problems at work or at home.

Moral: think about it a few seconds before pressing “send”.


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