Sodalite: effect of the healing stones

In order develop its powers in full, the mineral salt Sodalite should ideally be worn as often as possible directly on the skin.

Whether as a piece of jewelry or by hanging, by contact on the skin that affects the whole organism sodalite positive and can be used in a variety of physical and psychological symptoms. To ensure their long will healing, the stone should be regularly cleaned gently in lukewarm water, since the crystal surface is sensitive to hydrochloric acid.

Sodalite effect of the healing stones

Physical disorders

Much like its soothing, usually blue, and thus cooling color that is often marked by a white grain, the sodalite a balancing effect is said. Physically, for example, by relaxing effect on breathing and sore throats, as well as headache and allergy is soothing. Blood pressure-lowering and it bends also against many cardiovascular diseases, thereby further improving its structuring, balancing property is not only the immune system, but also affects rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes and supports the entire lymphatic and glandular systems of the body in the purification of the body. Thanks to the balancing and calming influence, the sodalite help heal even with sleep disturbance. Its sodium encourages particular part of the cell metabolism and helps the circulation going again.

Effect of the healing stones

As a gemstone is the sodalite for fidelity, loyalty, openness and self-confidence and courage. It is also a promoter of creative people, by creating structures that promote the development of new ideas and development. That’s why it was especially revered by the ancient Greeks as an artist stone. The silicate can open up new perspectives and supported as a volcanic rock, the honest self-discovery. The crystal structure of the mineral helps to protect foreign guilt to gain distance and to separate, using new approaches to old, outdated rules and find themselves. Encouraged by reasoning and reflection, it makes it easier to organize his thoughts and often improved as a result of interpersonal relationships and optimizing their own general ability to concentrate, regardless whether for leisure, work or family life. For all too long, however, a depressive mood are more likely to avoid contact with the sodalite, as it may otherwise have destructive effects and the depressive state, where appropriate, through the excited thinking reinforced.


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