Solutions and natural remedies for contractures

When people suffer from pain in neck, back or waist, they tend to resort to painkillers, anti-inflammatory, aspirin, muscle relaxants and other drugs that often give a solution. The laboratory medicine can harm your stomach, raise any allergies or side reactions and in some cases to produce habituation or addiction.

Solutions and natural remedies for contractures

For those who prefer to settle contractures naturally, there are options that allow you to feel better without using artificial chemicals but with very effective results. Here you find a natural remedy for your contractions.

Valerian tea

Valerian tea is an excellent choice for the relief of cervical contractures, back, or lumbar. Above all, it is very good for people who have contracture stress as it works as nerve and muscle relaxant. You can buy the bags in a dietary ready or you get the pure herb, which you dip in hot water for 10 minutes and then strain.

If you use valerian tea for the first time, it is recommended that you take it at a time when you can sleep many hours as some sleep causes intense by the large relaxation they achieve.


Arnica Ointment

The arnica ointment or gel is a local pain solution. You can buy it in pharmacies or diet and apply it directly to the affected area. Some people also get the floor, the crushed and passed through a food processor along with vaseline. Thus obtained a similar cream which is traded but homemade. In all cases, is a very good solution when combined with infusions and exercise. Furthermore, arnica gel is also effective for wound healing.


Compresses and stretches

Another very effective way to relieve pain is to place warm compresses to the painful area while you’re in bed or in a position fashion and relaxed. Once the body is warm, gentle stretching should not aggressive. Keep in mind that stretching cold muscles can produce you a lot worse injuries and pain.


Yoga: a long-term

In order not to suffer from contractures, it is advisable to perform regular yoga practice. Will achieve a better posture, calm and stretch your muscles need to be well. Try it!


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