Some important tips for maintenance of garden

Some important Tips for maintenance of gardenWhen watering the water should penetrate at least 15 cm into the ground.

The best time for watering the plants is either early morning or evening.

Home Fertilizers: The wood ashes and coffee grounds are fertilizers for plants.

If you have the room do not hesitate to make your own compost. Add all biodegradable waste to a composter.

Terrazas : A sunny balcony will be suitable for growing geraniums, petunias, roses, zinnias, bougainvillea, hibiscus, snapdragons, etc. ..

Most vegetables and herbs also prefer sunlight.

A balcony facing north is better for fuchsias, hydrangeas, begonias, anemones, primroses, cyclamen, hostas etc. These plants grow well in shade or in more moderately exposed to the sun.

Beware the cold winds or hot, dry withering. Protects the terrace.


If you do not like the new look and patina that have no pots, it can apparently be loaded with plain painted pots. See how the external walls of the pots are covered in a short time moss and algae.

If you did not change the potting soil in the past two years, replaces thSome important Tips for maintenance of gardene first centimeters of the substrate by a new one. But changing to another slightly larger pot with fresh rich substrate is ideally better.

Do not forget to deposit at the bottom a layer of gravel, expanded clay, etc..

If you have pots in the window, put a layer of gravel on the ground so that the rain spatter the windows.

Aerating the lawn

There are boots or soles with nails to pierce the earth and oxygenate the lawn. Instead of buying, take some old sandals and a few nails. For the head of the nail does not bother, placed inside a plastic or wooden staff.

Hedge care

It is prudent to cut the roots of fast growing shrubs, such as Ligustrum, to grow less. About 30-40 cm of the hedge roots are cut to a depth of a shovel and a half, digging a trench.


Plant them with other plants of similar characteristics in shallow pots. Check liquid fertilizer once every two to overwater.


The summer bulbs and tubers look great in pots and planters.

Plant the bulbs in pots a little more together than put them in the ground.

Potted bulbs can be planted “in stages.”

For the bulbs pots, drainage holes should not be blocked, since they do not like at all having “wet feet.”Some important Tips for maintenance of garden, Garden maintenance-bulbos-maceta
More flowers petunias

Your petunias will bloom better if they finished first pruning; flowering about six inches from the base of the stem. In a few days appear new buds and will bloom again.

Ants : Ants “caring” to aphids

If you do not want to come home, put salt in the areas to be protected because the salt acts as a wall for the ants.

Rub a lemon into half and put it to the rim of the pots and ants do not approach them.

Fruit trees cast in a metal pot with lime water will begin to boil. It must be protected with gloves and mask.

Insect repellents

Some plants such as basil, jasmine, lavender, elderberry or parsley, and in general most herbs are insect repellents.


It is important to place the plants in the brightest corner.

If the light is dim …

– Places an artificial light source near, but more than 30-40 cm.

– Place mirrors behind the plants that increase the brightness.

– The white-painted walls and soft furnishings also provide more interior light.

Keep houseplants away from excessive heat in winter.

Water your plants, but be careful not to drown. Irrigation means: 2 or 3 times a week.

If the potting soil of your houseplants is very dry, Instead, loosen with a fork or sink in a bowl of water. The immersion should last until bubbles stop forming. Drain excess water and spray the leaves.

When the soil in the pots is very lumpy, it is best to take a fork and remove dirt. This operation facilitates the penetration of irrigation water and plants.

If it look poor, you may need to transplant it to another larger pot or change of the land for a more rich.

More gardening tips

Do not think you have to do the whole garden at once. Rather it is a work to be done gradually, devoting a few hours every weekend to work the garden and your lawn.

Choose plants native to your area. These are usually much cheaper and better adapted to conditions in your garden.

A healthy soil keeps the plants strong to better fight insects and pests. Mixed organic matter with soil before planting such as manure, compost, sphagnum peat, etc.

Window boxes are a great alternative to have colorful flowers and do not require as much care as the big flower beds.


A very interesting and comfortable tables are growing inside the greenhouse. There are tables with four legs but does like a drawer, where they get the pots and watered as in the terraces, as it is the same system, but high. They are usually metal and have a drain hole (a plug). Question by them are very practical.


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