Sony Ericsson LiveView, remote control for Android phones

The Sony Ericsson LiveView is a small device that allows remote control of mobile operating system Android, which allows to receive messages and Twitter updates and Facebook in real time.

Sony Ericsson LiveView, remote control for Android phones

This remote control is 35 mm high and wide and has a thickness of 11 mm and placed on the wrist with  a clip and a belt included in the kit, so it takes all the appearance of a simple wristwatch.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, Sony Ericsson LiveView can link to the mobile user to a maximum distance of 10 m and to control the various functions of the phone through a small selection button located on the top and with the help of a color OLED screen 1.3-inch diagonal 128 x 128 pixel resolution.

The control also features four programmable keys according to the preferences and needs of each user, and is equipped with a rechargeable battery via USB micro connector that allows you to reach up to four days of regular use.

Thus, the user can directly access, among other things, text messages, calls, social networking updates (Twitter and Facebook), RSS and reminders without having to remove the phone from its case or pocket.

The Sony Ericsson LiveView can also display the phone number of incoming calls and mute the ringer of them.

For compatibility, Sony Ericsson said that this remote is compatible with those phones with Android OS 2.0 or earlier that have Sony Ericsson LiveWare manager.


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