Sony stops making the MiniDisc Walkman

The Sony MiniDisc Walkman days are numbered, as Sony has announced it will stop manufacturing the MiniDisc Walkman due to low demand for this device.

The device, in its latest version, MZ-RH1 will in stores until stocks are exhausted. It is likely to disappear in Europe next month and in Japan in September.

Sony stops making the MiniDisc Walkman

The MiniDisc came to market in 1992 boasting a higher quality than the CD with smaller dimensions. With a diameter of 6.4 inch magneto-optical disk that is posited as a revolution in the world of portable playback. Almost 20 years later the project is on track to extinction without having achieved the level of success that Sony had expected.

The MiniDisc achieved its greatest popularity in Japan and some Asian countries, but its entry into the United States was overshadowed by the CD, which was more popular at that time.


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