Sophisticated hair style with boho braids

This season Spring Summer 2011-2012 is characterized in terms of trend hairstyles for imposing looks bohemian and romantic where the braids are inevitable detail.

Thus, we started seeing on the runways and then to the celebrities on the red carpet, wearing dresses of the most important designers unstructured hairstyles, slightly misaligned, most teenagers.


Sophisticated style with boho braids


Since December is a month of celebrations of all kinds, including Christmas, New Year and New Year celebrations at work or with friends, this sophisticated style with boho braids are more attractive and attractive style.


This is a look perfect for warm nights, such as for a garden party, since the hair will not give no heat. Top with key rings and a makeup natural.


Before starting, it is important to prepare the hair. If you have many curls, the better disciplining hair with a soft brush is perfect, but avoid plain perfect. If instead you have very straight hair, while still wet apply a mousse or other volumizing product, ending with a hairdryer with a diffuser, turning the head down.


The idea is to start braiding hair at the side, and it gets a kind of zigzag. Start to make the braid from the side, with three strands from the top of the head but not too thick, as it gradually, adding in each tuft TORZA you – as the braid is sewn – although in this case only incorporated hair from up. I followed the line of the “crown” of the head.


When you came to the opposite ear, turns around and does the same for the other side, always taking up strands. In the third round, and you can take locks up or both sides.


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