Special skin care in adolescence

In adolescence, changes abound, the body undergoes hormonal revolution and this is reflected in the skin so it is essential to give proper care.

During this stage the skin’s sebaceous glands produce a greater amount of fat, so that the dermis is nourished but at the time this oil production can cause acne, which is why a good daily cleaning and disinfection is so important.

Special skin care in adolescence

In adolescence, there are two basic guidelines that respect in terms of skin care, one is to be satisfied with the cleansing and moisturizing to keep the skin always healthy and revitalized, and the other is to avoid touching the pimples because they could become major brands.

As the skin in adolescence has a high level of grease is ideal to use gels or emulsions, oil-free moisturizing and not increase the sebaceous stimulus. The same for the case of cleaning, cleaning products best to apply foam, gels or lotions, always suitable for oily skin.

Cleaning the skin must be carried out twice a day thereafter to disinfect the skin with antiseptic wipes, cleanses the skin in the morning when you wake up and again at night before bed and once a week you can use a Scrub to remove dead cells, debris and comedones.

If the acne is controlled with the proper cleaning and sterilization, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist who will tell you the treatment proper.

As the body’s skin, hormonal imbalances can trigger the appearance of stretch marks which can be prevented using creams rich in vitamin A, and if they are in place and in the body, while they stay red are easily treatable with various aesthetic methods.

Last but not least is the daily sun protection throughout the body, remember that photoaging is a problem that is accumulated through the years and eventually cause spots, premature wrinkles, loss of elasticity and different problems of gravity on the skin.


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