Sphere, the ball that dominates with your mobile phone

We can not yet rule the world from your mobile.

But we can control the movements of a small ball of 72 mm in diameter, hey, no longer a start. Sphere is a ball that communicates via Bluetooth with your smartphone, either Android or iOS obey all your instructions as shown in the video we show you after the jump. And there’s more.

Sphere, the ball that dominates with your mobile phone

We ended up using it as a toy for your cat, but the possibilities may seem endless.

Since this summer to become world champion bowls to give your smartphone whim you feel Messala and Ben Hur for an afternoon.

Downloading an application on your mobile phone (compatible with Android OS and iOS) via bluetooth you can control the movements of Sphere, which will shoot in all directions faithfully following the instructions that make your fingers sliding on the touch screen. In the following video you can see it in action.

Is expected to be available later this year, so you have to wait until then to begin to imagine what can you make him crazy for a ball whose movements can lead from your smartphone.


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