Spinel Massage Treatment: properties of minerals

The spinel not only plays a role as a sparkling gem, but also as force-protection and donors in the healing stone customer.

The spinel is an extremely rare mineral from the mineral class of oxides. The current best of this mineral deposits are located in Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Tanzania and Madagascar. Other famous sites include Afghanistan (Ishkashim and Sorobi), Cordoba in Argentina, several regions in Australia, Goiás, Bahia and Minas Gerais in Brazil, Nepal, Nigeria.

The characteristics of the spinel

Spinels are desirable but rare gems. The mineral is found in many colors, with red, pink, purple and blue and well-known as well as posing the most expensive colors. In addition, there are colorless, yellow, green and brown specimens of gem quality, but which are much rarer. Spinel crystals are usually relatively small, so are more gems with over 4 Carat been relatively rare.

Red crystals in this case have a superficial similarity to rubies and were therefore too long mistaken for such. A long-held for a ruby stone in the British crown jewels turned out to be such as spinel. Based on the Mohs hardness of 8 and his general insensitivity makes it ideal for jewelry, and now enjoys a high level of prices and increasing demand.

This mineral can sparkle more than just beautiful

The spinel is considered strong protection force and stone. It is as small rough stones, crystals, cabochons, faceted stones or trailers in all good stores. Thanks to its cubic structure and its extremely high melting point and hardship, it should give its owners confidence, drive and perseverance. In particular, the red copies are available for temperament and dynamism. They should strengthen the confidence and increase the power to define your goals and achieve them. But physically it is to have a good and positive effect on particular nerves and muscles and inflammation, as well as contribute towards disturbances. Worth mentioning is its property, increase the self-healing powers and to speed up any healing process. It is said that it strengthens the lymph system, helps with intestinal ulcers, brain tumors and erectile dysfunction and also prevent problems in the aorta and heart attack.

In meditation, develop the powers of the mineral and help to remove negative currents from the aura. Here, the spinels are placed according to color on the colored child chakras. With the help of this mineral to reach such a high resolution of blockages.

It is recommended that you clean the spinel once a month under running, lukewarm water or in a drum shell with hematite stones. After cleaning, it should be charged for a short time in the sun.


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