Sports bandages – how do they work?

Sports bandages - how do they work?

Sport bandages prevent injuries in sports, especially support for the healing of injuries and relieve pain. The athletes sport bandages offer maximum protection, have a particular anatomical design and are made from high quality materials. Sport bandages for the knee, back, hips, thighs, shoulders, elbow, the ankle, wrist, and available. The bandages can also be differentiated according to each sport for example, rowing, basketball, football, cross country skiing, horse riding and tennis. Basically bandages prevent injuries and assist to stabilize joints and muscles. This will prevent overloading and protected against overload. In addition, the targeted compression helps to reduce joint effusion.

What is to consider when buying?

The sport supports also differ according to their use and application. The sport supports should neither be too small nor too large; also they should not be too tight on the body part or grip so that friction may arise. The freedom of movement should not be restricted, so there should be a bandage from a portable pleasant, flexible material such as neoprene or cotton.

The prices for example, ankle bandages vary widely and can be between 15 and 50 euros. An ankle brace should adapt to the foot as much as possible. Thanks to a slim fit and a very discreet design, the bandages are worn in the shoe. Ankle Braces come in many designs as simple as changing bandages or a brace with stabilization strap.

Where the bandages are used?

The sport bandages provide supports for injuries such as ligament injury or ligament tears, meniscal damage and cartilage support. To prevention of ankle injury it is advisable to wear a bandage on the ankle. Different size and type of bandages are available according to body zones, including knee, ankle, shoulder, wrist and thigh.


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