Spotify arrives at the North American market

Sweden has always been one step ahead and prove it. Swedish Spotify, a online music service, announced this Thursday, July 14, its official launch in the United States.

Spotify was founded in Sweden in 2006 and launched in 2008 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. The site combines both a free and paid offerings and has nearly 10 million users.

Spotify arrives at the North American market (United States)

For its launch in the U.S., the legal service will offer a free advertising and interspersed with two premium offerings, at $ 4.99 US / month or U.S. $ 9.99 / month. Spotify offers access to more than 15 million shares of his computer or his mobile phone. According to several analysts, Spotify has entered into direct competition with Apple’s iTunes and has become the second online music service in the world.

Before signing an agreement with Universal Music in mid-June, it took the online music service to convince production companies. To do this, Spotify announced in April, several limitations to the free version and thus promote its premium offerings.

Now, those who use the free version can not play more than five times the same piece, and their total playing time per month is capped at ten hours beyond the first six months of registration. “We wanted to be careful when we launch the first music market in the world. We wanted to make sure to replicate the same model in Europe,” said Ken Parks, director of Spotify in North America.

An official who wished to remain anonymous also explained that Spotify will use the social networking site Facebook as a launch pad in the United States. But no word on a possible real partnership (who said Facebook Vibes?)

Finally, other launches are planned in the months (years?) Coming but no date has been advanced or country. Canada will have to take their troubles patiently.

(Source: Spotify , CNet , CNN and NPR )


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